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Grasp the feature of change,and you can predict what will happen.(Doctor with Zen spirit)


went surfing on the Miyaura coast in Miyazaki prefecture this morning.
Due to typhoon No.3 appearing in Taiwan, the height of the waves was around my head. Today’s high waves were scary for a beginner like me, but I could enjoy surfing in the offing because the tide along the Miyaura coast moves in a way that makes it easy to head out to sea even for a beginner.
It was a good experience, though I often fell off my surfboard before the waves ended.
Only half a year has passed since I started surfing. I often hear surfing is a difficult sport in which it takes a lot of time to feel improvement in one’s technique and to really enjoy it.
This applies more or less to the stage of growth or development of other sports like soccer or volleyball.
This also applies to studying and to improving symptoms. For example, I suggest that patients who suffer from the many symptoms caused by migraines receive a treatment such as loosening the tension in the autonomic nervous system.
There are many kinds of patients. Some patients can feel their condition get better quickly as soon as they start treatment, but some feel it doesn’t change at all or feel the improvement only after a while.
And I can say that every patient will have certain periods during which they don’t feel improvement at all and during which the situation remains almost unchanged at each different step of treatment. But still, during those periods, if they keep trying to improve their condition, they will experience a breakthrough in their condition. Things have two sides: visible and invisible. It looks like nothing changes when an invisible part changes, so patients may think their condition remains unchanged, but actually that period is very important. How long they can continue trying is very important. And to help patients do that, specialists and doctors should tell them what is effective for improving and encourage them by telling them they will be certainly able to feel and see their improvement someday if they keep trying.
A curve which represents progress does not continuously increase but instead increases a little, remains flat, and then increases again. Once you understand this, you can become more aware of your own progress. Thank you.


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