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The advantages of having migraines.(Doctor with Zen spirit)


Today I’d like to talk about how to think of migraines in a different way. I diagnosed a patient with migraines, and then I asked him ͆What do you know about migraines?͇When the patients are told of their disease after a medical examination, they certainly feel something based on what they know about that disease. For example, when the patients are told their bone is broken, they may think, ͆I will be admitted to the hospital for a week,͇͆I have to be more careful in the future,͇ and so on. In the case of stomach cancer, the patient may think, ͇I have to think about what is going to happen to my life.͇So, what do you think of having migraines? Speaking from my experience as a doctor, most patients feel the same way, which is that they will have to treat their migraines for the rest of their lives because migraines are a lifelong disorder. However, I want to tell you that you should see having migraines in a different light and realize that you can get over them. Having a migraine is like a fire alarm from your body to let you know that your body has something unusual going on. So, if you can figure out the reason for your migraines and solve it, you can get over them. Conversely, if you can’t figure it out, not only your head but all parts of your body will fall victim to the disorder, and, eventually, your life will be consumed by your migraines, in the same way that a house will eventually burn down if a fire is not extinguished. I’ll say it again: You can get over your migraines, and you have to get over them to save your body. You have to put your heart into it and try to find new information on how to get over your migraines. Thank you.

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