The difference between people who enjoy a long life and people who are struck by serious illness


The difference between people who enjoy a long life and people who are struck by serious illness
Today I’d like to talk about the difference between people over 50 who are struck by a serious illness like a stroke or heart attack compared to those who live out their lives in relatively good health.
There is a very clear difference.
When I ask my patients what the difference is, they usually say they don’t know – but would like to.
The difference is found in whether or not they can realistically judge the true state of their own bodies.
Our bodies begin losing strength as we age, especially after the age of 50; but for some people, it’s difficult to adjust their own self-image to the actual state of their bodies.
Let’s say a 65 year-old man does the same level of daily activities that he did when he was 50; he might seem fine, but, by remaining as active as he was when he was 50, he progressively stresses his 65 year-old body. Even as the body tries to withstand this daily stress, the man remains unaware because the stress builds up little by little.
The result is that one day, perhaps a year or so later, that stress builds up to the point where it suddenly causes a serious illness. If you want to avoid these kinds of severe illnesses, it is important that you see your body as it truly is with your age in mind, and act accordingly.
That’s why I tell patients at our clinic to exercise once or twice a day to relax their bodies.
I think people who can feel the true state of their bodies can better avoid severe illness; misjudging the true state of your body on a daily basis, on the other hand, will eventually lead to illness. If you can figure out how to judge your level of activity based on the true state of your body, and do things like exercise less vigorously when your body tells you to, you can avoid severe illness.
It might sound easy, but in reality it can be quite difficult – because it requires that you develop and use good judgment not just once in a while, but every single day.
Thank you.

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