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How to deal with a hopeless situation you cannot escape(Doctor with Zen spirit)


How to deal with a hopeless situation you cannot escape
The run of statutory holidays starting tomorrow meant my clinic was filled with patients today.
Three or so were worn out physically and emotionally due to the stress of an unstable environment: things like job transfers, or seasonal changes throwing off the balance of the nervous system.
For people in that kind of situation, I would like to suggest an idea based on my own experience.
When an environment is really rough – like when you are in a storm – the harder you fight it, the worse it gets. When you finally do give up the fight, since you have already spent so much energy, you end up even more vulnerable to physical and emotional affliction: the storm preys on your weakness.
I can tell you, objectively, that you won’t be caught in that harsh environment forever – although it might not feel like that while it is happening. That kind of environment is like a storm: change is certain, and suddenly the environment transforms into something new that is better for you. So one way to withstand such invisible forces is to go into a shell and not take any action: just wait and watch for the storm to pass by.
What’s most important during times like that is that you hold on to your emotional strength and believe better days will inevitably come. It is certain that from moment to moment your environment will continue changing, and you will get your chance. So in order to get the most out of yourself when that time comes, keep in mind that putting patience and stillness to use is one of the most effective ways.
When you feel both attack and escape are impossible in a harsh environment, it could very well be a losing battle – but one that you do not need to fight! It might be best for you to instead have the strong determination to not take action: to go into a shell and be still – waiting for your chance.
Thank you.


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