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How to overcome Migraines, (Doctor with Zen spirit)


Misidentifying the root cause of a problem never resolve the real issue.

Hi、 my name is Takahiro Kato, a neurosurgeon at Soubudai Neurosurgical Clinic.
The other day, a patient asked me if there were any hats that he could wear or headlamps that he could use at work that would not trigger migraines. The patient believed that these ware the reason he suffered from migraines.

To me, this is a perfect illustration of an idea that I would like to share with you today.Misidentifying the root cause of a problem merely adds to your stress without eliminating the symptoms.

I have met many women whose coincide with menstruation, other people have migraines when there is a typhoon,
or decrease in air pressure. Still others who experience migraines suffer from spondylosis deformans which tends to make them sensitive their sleeping position and thickness of their pillows.

Factors like these, menstruation air pressure changes ,tossing turning while you are sleep-are ones over the which we have little or no control. For those of us who are sensitive to these factors, a tendency to get migraines worsens.
Our inability to contol the things that trigger our migraines only adds to our stress and unhappiness.

If you turn your attention from hats headlamps and pillow height and focus instead on taking positive action, for instance, striving to build a sound,healthy body that can get a good night’s sleep regardless of the pillow,
or ones doesn’t experience debilitating headache regardless of headwear,the weather , time of month, then you can prevent migraines while making your body feel better overall.

In the end, your migraines may be a message from your body encouraging you to adopt a positive proactive mindset and heathy habits rather than looking for external factors to blame. If you can do that,
you’ve broadened your out look, Thank you!

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