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The importance of having an image of your ideal situation.(Doctor with Zen spirit)


The importance of having an image of your ideal situation and the intention of achieving that situation from the beginning Today’s article is about how it’s important for you to have an image of your ideal situation and the intention to change your situation to achieve that image.
Some patients who visit my clinic are in very stressful situations, for example, mothers who are tired of taking care of their children, workers who work all night and can’t get enough sleep, and old people who are tired of nursing their parents.
They come to see me and complain of headaches or ringing in their ears, and then say, ͆I’ve reached my limit.͇
I can imagine how they are suffering from these symptoms, but I always ask them coolly,͆So, what situation do you want? What is your ideal situation?͇Only a few patients can actually answer the question.Furthermore, there are fewer patients who can answer the question, ͆What kind of action can you take to reduce your pain and change your situation to be healthier?͇
Although headaches, dizziness, and insomnia can be cured when they are symptoms of a serious condition that has a cure, people often mistakenly believe that doctors can cure these symptoms when they are not caused by a serious condition.
Even medicine cannot completely cure these symptoms but only gives symptomatic relief.͆Once you have accepted the fact that your symptoms do not have a simple cure, then you should come up with an image of your ideal situation. After that, you have to think about what action you can take.͇
The first step and most important thing is to have the image. To illustrate the importance of having an image of one’s goal, I’d like you to imagine imaging a ship being tossed about by heavy seas.
Suppose the captain and the crew are desperately trying to prevent the ship from being overturned and carried off by the sea. As a result, they will lose track of where the ship is going and will find they are sailing in the wrong direction after the storm is over.However, no matter how terrible the storm is, if, in addition to focusing on fighting the heavy seas, they also keep their ultimate goal of arriving safely at their destination in mind, they will remember to search for stars that inform them of their present position, allowing them to stay on course during the storm.
That means the result depends on whether you have the image of the goal and the intention to achieve it. So, I strongly recommend having an image of your goal or ideal situation, such as not having a headache, ringing in your ears, or difficulty sleeping, no matter how tough the situation is. Then, keep asking yourself about what you can do to achieve the goal. If you do that every day, the result after a year will be totally different from that if you don’t.


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